NYE kiss from the lawyer

On my return back to London for the three months holidays, i had not thought of catching up with the lawyer guy whom i’d almost slept with at the start of the year. But because we were facebook friends and he had seen my arrival status, he’d found any way to be able to see me. Finally after 2weeks of being back in London and starting my hectic back to back intensive internships, we arranged to meet up for coffee after work. It felt nice seeing him but at the same time extremely awkward because the last time he’d seen me i was begin him to ban the living life. I was still drawn to him after all those months and felt some weird connection but ignored it, after that night i hadn’t seen nor heard from him for a month, obviously to busy traveling every weekend with his girlfriend. He admitted on stalking me almost on a daily basis and hadn’t told his girlfriend about our coffee date.

As usual he had this control over me which i felt imprisoned and stupid, as though toying with me without realising it, so as a new years resolution i told myself that i no longer wanted this sort of bullshit continuing, because we weren’t friends, never was and never will. Abit immature thinking but i said to myself i want to be happy and in order to do that i needed to confront him and tell him what was on my mind and he was keen to meet me the next day which was NYE.

We had a good time catching up and talking, when we left and started walking i finally had the courage to tell him what was on my mind and even told him how i felt for him and the attraction i had that night we meet again. Also if we were going to kiss before we were rudely interrupted by a person he knew. He admitted on also feeling the attraction and said what i’d told him was ‘cute’, the next thing he did was take me by the hand and slowly pull me into him, he grabbed my bum and started kissing me. I wanted to kiss him back but it felt wrong and i didn’t want to get tempted by it that i stopped. The other reason for it was we were kissing with our eyes open and that is something i feel uncomfortable with.

We went home to get ready and a few hours later met up again at the same bar we were in the afternoon to meet up with another friend of the lawyer. He turned to me at one stage when it was just the two of us and asked me why i didn’t kiss him back? Than teased me by putting his hand under my seat to feel my bum, when i started laughing, he gave me a cheeky grin and added “i’ll help you with your orgasm”… or something like that?

As usual, days later i was still pissed off with him, we stopped contacting each other and i immaturely deleted him off facebook because i didn’t want him having access to my life and i didn’t want to see his happy one with his girlfriend. I left 3weeks later to go back to Perth and never told him. I left London with optimism and hope for someone better.

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  1. Glad you deleted him to get that closure and moved on. Well done.

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