Continuing guy number 10

The moment i had landed back to Perth, feeling the heat, knowing that i’m back home to my friends, family and car. I help so much happier than i had in months, all my misery that i felt back in London had all been washed away the moment i got out of the airport and was welcomed by my aunt. 

I dropped my suit case home and started the car again, right then and there i didn’t care i drove straight over to see my friend from work and we gossiped and caught up for almost two hours. Just before leaving, i popped by the bottle shop to say hi to guy number 10, as i was ecstatic to see him again, i don’t know why, maybe it’s because i had only seen him for a night and he seemed like the perfect guy which i obviously fantasied way to much over the three month holiday. 

The next day he came over to mine, we watched a movie, we cubbled and kissed and caught up. But the whole fantasy i had of him had bust itself the moment he started laughing at me when i had told him i hadn’t slept with anyone during my trip and that i was serious about it. Strike two was when he started feeling self conscious about money… Like every other guy whom i’d slept with and had seen the house had commented on my parents ‘wealth’. That was a whole level of ‘fuck off right now’ mode i had going on and started ignoring him and acting cold. I didn’t know he was going to spend the evening till he removed his deodorant from his track pants, so much for sleeping! I was already extremely jet lagged that i didn’t want to deal with him next to me but again i didn’t say anything. We had sex…. It was bad! Bad of the worse. Thing was… I couldn’t feel him and i had to fake the whole time that i was enjoying myself which made it worse and it just kept going ON and ON and ON. My mind was screaming “hurry the hell up and finish!” and when i did i was so happy, all i wanted to do was close my eyes but he kept talking to me about his family and grandpa and that they could have been one of the wealthiest Macedonian people in Perth etc. Again, the topic of money! I don’t care! I seriously couldn’t give a rats ass when it comes to wealth and when they start comparing themselves to me its just STOP! Stop acting immature and stop thinking materialistically. 

After that night, when i walked him towards his car, i had started ignoring him. Days later he called me in the morning, i left it ring, he messaged me a couple of times during the weekend and i had ignored it too but had written back that i was busy with family and to enjoy the weekend. 

To be honest, i was blinded during the holidays, i had this idea of how he could be like in real life but when i got to see more of him that second night, reality struck me and i realised he was still very immature and thought he was “tough”. Everything is about looks and being trimly cut with exercise. What also made me take a double turn was when he told me the truth when i had told him i was leaving the next day, he said he was relieved beyond belief and his friends were so jealous because it is the perfect “take away fuck” without having to ignore the person to let them know they had just used you for sex. 

I had explained the whole thing to my friends the next day and they were shocked and disgusted by that as they also thought of him as being different from the other guys i’ve been with. The next week, two of my friends told me to block him off my mobile, i naivily did but by the end of that weekend i received a message from an unknown number but the message was asking what i was up to? Sent at one in the morning on top of that. Obviously i knew that person but because i deleted the number i didn’t know but had a suspicion it was him. I replied asking who it was… Kind of a big mistake because we had a mini ‘argument’ about why i had deleted him and how i was acting immature and to have a good life. I felt bad and apologised and asked him that we take things very slowly and to not ignore each other since we talked things through. He eventually agreed and we are meant to go to the movies…. 

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  1. Impressed by riches? Pfft… should be more like Leo in Titanic! Never seen the movie the whole way through, but have seen this excellent scene:

    • It’s a good scene with big meaning. I’m like Leo, i don’t care about money or anything glam but when people brag about it or talk about wanting to be rich person really makes me want to slap them and think of them as ignorant.

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