Bleeding foreplay

I seem to be selecting the WORST men out there, i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve this, but clearly the universe seems to be punishing me? Like i said in my previous post i had alot of bad experiences when it comes to sex, from swollen vagina, std infection and now bleeding while foreplaying!

I can see your eye brows raising and saying “what the hell is she on about?” Yes, it does happen! This guy that i am so embarrassed about fingered me roughly till there was visible blood. This isn’t the first time it’s happened though. The first time was almost 2 years ago when i went through a very long dry spell and i felt the need to pleasure myself. At the time my nails were extremely long, but it never crossed my mind that by jagging the vaginal wall it would cause bleeding from scratching that lead to cuts.

It was a very very dumb thing of me to do and since then, i make sure not to make that mistake again and sometimes when i put a finger down there i can feel the nail scars. This time round though, i would have never thought a guy could have been THAT clueless to make the same mistake as me!

I researched on it and turns out i’m not the only girl to go through this, it was said that when foreplaying, it’s best to take it slow and use plenty of lubricant to moisture down below. Vital information for both men and women need to clip their nails as the vaginal wall is quite sensitive. If something like this has ever happened it means your doing it WRONG!

I’m definitely not the type who enjoys rough/fast/fucking feeling when it comes to sex and foreplay, it seems that the guys i meet love it! I HATE it because i feel no pleasure what so ever and the guy seems to be able to come within 5minutes and i’m still lying down putting on a fake smile to show i had a good time. My mind’s going to breaking point when thinking that i am now 1 guy away to 10 on my sex check list. I wouldn’t mind the number if the sex was worth it! But seriously, over and over and over again.

It just pisses me off that this anger inside me wants to throw a mini tantrum over it. I am embarrassed to talk about it to friends and cousins about it because they all say how sex is amazing while i say it’s the worst physical thing. Sexually frustrated and forever feeling horny after sex. It’s no surprise why i always go on long period’s of time being somewhat celibate.

Maybe the reason why i don’t enjoy the foreplay and sex is because i don’t have an emotional connection towards them and focusing my energy to orgasm that i forget to relax. But to tell you the truth, as ‘comfortable’ as i appear i am embarrassed and self conscious that i have to be fully exposed and naked for his eyes to see. Till i meet someone that i like… My vagina’s closed for business and that could go on for a long time. I rather go through a dry spell than go through painful experiences that damage my health.

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  1. You never thought a guy would be that clueless?? What the heck do most guys know about vaginas? It is your job to tell us to slow down…your the one who is supposed to know your own vag…

    Personally, my fingers don’t spend that much time inside. I will put it in initially to get it wet, then I mostly focus on the clit, that is where most of the pleasure comes from.

    The best thing you can do going forward is to start playing with yourself…by doing that you will learn what feels good, and what doesn’t. You can’t expext to get pleasure from guys if you don’t know what needs to be done to feal pleasurable.

  2. joancloned

    what is a “sex check list”? Your max number?

    • I slept with 9men (disappointing!).
      Sex check list is – Dominant, knows what to do, not selfish when it comes to oral sex/sex, allows me to be ontop and not look at me while foreplaying or having sex.

      • joancloned

        ooohhh! Makes sense πŸ™‚ I understand now. I’m glad you’re not limiting yourself to a “max number” like I originally thought πŸ™‚

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