Alcohol makes you do crazy things

After receiving the some what rejection text message, something in me snapped and all i wanted was to have wild/hot sex. He gave me a taste of how it was going to be but then took it away from me! I acted as though nothing happened but my brain was spinning like wild fire, i needed it, i wanted it and i had to have it or else i’d have to go on a wild goose chase with some stranger.

The weekend had arrived, i picked out the sexiest outfit to make men want to stare, obviously not revealing but it did show my ‘best’ assets. Black top with another transparent lace top over it, black high waisted shorts with tights with the highest killer heels. I had glamed myself just right, feeling confident and comfortable with my outfit and appearance i was ready to face the music. I knew i did not appear desperate nor slutty, my mind was asking for a good time. 

My friends and i went to the most dodgiest club, in the space of an hour we had witnessed 2 fights as well as being surrounded by indie weirdos, we eventually got out from that hell whole and made way to our usual gay friendly club. We ordered a glass of red wine, instead of taking it slow and enjoying its fruity aroma’s we decided to get tipsy by sculling it before heading to the dance floor. My friend had an admirer and stuck by our side for the rest of the evening, excited for him, being some sort of wing woman, i made sure they hooked up by the end of the evening.

The 3 of us went to another gay club, again we drank red wine and by then my head felt a little light headed and my body felt light. I was in a happy place and was laughing and talking ALOT! I ended up talking to this woman sitting next to me and i had told her my plan to message the dj for a booty call but was embarrassed of feeling rejection AGAIN. By then all i wanted was sex! I didn’t care anymore, the alcohol in my system was pressing all my buttons and i was feeling turned on as hell.

I messaged him “Hey want a booty call?”, to my surprise he replied straight away “Are you serious or are drunk lol?” again i replied “Do you want a booty call or not?” and got back to me asking where i was and within 30mins we were off to Kings Park.

The moment he stopped the engine, we brought the seats forward and moved to the back. Furiously pulling off my clothes i told him it’d be quicker that way, i just couldn’t wait any longer. We kissed, foreplayed and then finally what i’ve been waiting for the whole evening and since our mess up date, the sex was happening. Because we were in the car and it was pretty tight, i ended ontop of him and rode him like a cowgirl. We kept moving positions but it always ended uncomfortably.

Watching the sun rise, i suddenly lost interest because i wasn’t really feeling pleasure anymore and i had a feeling so was he. He didn’t cum, he pulled off the condom and threw it out the window, raising alarms, i acted like nothing was happening. He dropped me home and i wanted to ask him if he wanted to be my ‘fuck buddy’ but for some reason didn’t.

The next day i was feeling turned on and messaged him “Been feeling turned on the whole day… This isn’t good!”,  feeling stupid for even bothering to send it, he crushed my ego by replying “What do you want me to say?”, embarrassed and stupid i replied “haha don’t say anything! Next times my bedroom.” Instead before bed i tried pleasuring myself with my hands and vibrator, but my flesh downstairs was feeling sore and sensitive that i gave up.

Now feeling ultimately stupid and still unsatisfied i deleted his number but gave it to my friend to keep it in her mobile just in case. I’m going to act as though nothing happened and move on, if he is interested and keen to be my friends with benefits without any emotional strings attached than i’d be excited, if not i won’t bother wasting my time.

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  1. Nice. But you gave his number to a friend to look after?

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