No sex

Ever since i lost my virginity, i seem to notice to have a very low sex life as compared to others. Maybe my body is telling me to wait till the right person that will be able to push my buttons rather than go through all the bad sex. Seriously, i don’t know what to do anymore, i’m growing more and more frustrated with the fact i actually ‘hate’ the physical pleasure.

The first time i went through my dry spell was after my ‘breakup’ with this high school boy. I went for a solid year not going anywhere near another guy, no touching, kissing, sex. I obviously went through times of trying to touch myself and having wet dreams but at the time i was fairly young and didn’t know much. (Still clueless till this day though)

Recently, i went through another dry spell which went on for a year and 4 months. Normally having sex after a long period of time feel sensational and amazing but it wasn’t the case for me. Instead I had a one night stand with this guy in London and it turned out to be the worst night of my life. He rubbed my clit till the moisture dried up and left my vagina swollen/sensitive for the days that continued. It seriously was not worth the sex, i would have gladly continued my dried spell instead.

And now it’s been over seven months. Close call with the dj but that didn’t happen. I’ve been desperately trying to learn my body with my hands and vibrators, but it doesn’t feel nice, it feels more like rubbing of the skin. Maybe because my mind knows its me? I also bought myself durex lubricant to give it extra moisture for when i use the vibrator. And again, when it feels good, seconds later i loose the spot and the interest. What do i have to do in order to get good sex? And for the right dominant man who knows what to do in the bedroom to come along and teach me a couple of moves?

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  1. singlegirlwisdom

    Foreplay, foreplay, and more foreplay. The build-up makes it so worth it. Cheers! SG

  2. rufus

    here i am i cn gve all sex dat u want.

  3. Ok, a few tips. I personally dont LOVE foreplay. I’m an aries… I get impatient and just wanna hop on when the desire strikes.

    I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 21, and it was self induced. My first orgasm with a guy happened a few months later. Then, I didn’t have an orgasm from actual sex till I was 24. So, kind of long stretches of time there. For me it WAS learning on my own what I liked through masturbation. And yes, before I actually got there I tried for….4 years at least. The trick for me was really focusing on the mental. Think about something, someone, sometime that realllly turns you on, that gets you wet without you touching yourself. When you’re already “primed” I like to be in a dark room so I can focus on really letting my mind go to that place that turns me on and stay there. Then I start touching, rubbing etc. sometimes I use a vibrator. If you smoke weed, that really helps, increases sensitivity.

    Also, try right before your period when your testosterone levels are at their highest and you are naturally predisposed to being aroused. Lemme know if any of this helped!

  4. Lena

    Trust me, you will get some good sex one day, I promise! Maybe your in the wrong place. Go places where the type of man u would want hangs out!

  5. Ich denken fast immer nur an das Eine.

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