Arranging a meet up

A day and a half later from giving my number to the dj at the club, i had already reached a point of mid depression for being to ‘forward’. The reason for feeling that way was also because i’m extremely self conscious, i felt even more embarrassed for myself and feeling my dignity/self esteem reaching to none existent. I am not the type to give out my number like this to guys! Except for that one time in London with the Hugo Boss guy.
But eventually, later that afternoon when i was busying myself with assignments i heard my phone chime. Reaching to open the message it showed up as an un-known number! My heart started pounding like a retard and suddenly feeling my hands sweat as though i’d just washed them, i kept reading the message a couple of times to double check whether it was actually from him.

We texted a couple of messages back and forth but it died pretty quickly because texting a stranger is quite pathetic! But anyways, he was quite keen on meeting me and asked to arrange lunch for monday but from uni schedules from the both of us, he asked to reschedule for the following evening.

Because of my previous encounters with men, i can say they like to arrange something with someone but then end up backing out or not following through to the plan, so i actually wasn’t putting much hope.
However, taking me by surprise and making me see a complete new perspective towards men, he messaged me the night before asking for my home address in order to pick me up. Acting like a complete gentleman over planning our meet up, it had finally made me look forward to meeting him but also making me a complete train reck as i’ve NEVER been on a sort of date before.

What is expected from you when on a date? How do you end it without the whole sex?

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  1. What is expected from you when on a date?
    Smile. Relax. Be interesting. You should be judging him more than he’s judging you. Just show him a bit of who you are.

    How do you end it without the whole sex?
    Don’t do anything more than kiss him at the end of the night. Even then you don’t have to kiss him… leaving him wanting more is key.

    If a girls sleeps with a guy in the first… (not sure of the exact number, closer to 10 than 1) dates… chances of him taking you seriously or seeing you again for anything other than sex quickly vanish into thin air.

  2. Hi, I am dating and have learnt a lot through it. Now I do not try and impress, and do not expect anything on a date, go with the flow….. Be yourself, if he does not like you , his loss. Do not have any expectations otherwise you might be disappointed. Just enjoy the moment, if not, go home early and think there are plenty more out there. Still I do like a kiss on a date as I could not go out with someone who does not kiss well….haha.
    Wish you luck with men!

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