Dj got my number

Last week i went to a gay club with a couple of my girlfriends and my brother to watch the lesbian mud wrestling that was being held that evening. As well as wanting to dance a little bit and be able to go on a mini scavenger hunt to see who’s cute enough to catch my attention. Obviously its a gay club, what do you exact? And what was i thinking? I saw so many! And being my usual irritating self, i kept jumping on my friends pointing the individuals out and to my disappointment, they all turned out gay!

As the evening progressed and the mud wrestling started to go out of hand and extremely physical, i tried to shrug off my disappointment and focused on enjoying myself for once as i rarely go out to clubs. And since i drove my friends to the club, i couldn’t technically drink as much as they did, so they gave me water and vodka/lemon.

Watching all the guys taking their shirts off around me, being raunchy and dancing like the world was about to end. I was in a zone of tranquility, no leach men trying to chase me, maybe except for 2 but not so bad as normal occasions when encountered with men in clubs. Dancing with my circle of friends listening to amazing music, the hours turned to seconds, it passed like lightning, we were having to much fun without realising it was already around 2-3am.

Even though i was enjoying myself and all, i still felt a little unsatisfied with my evening, so every time i was dancing i kept looking from left to right to see if there was any lucky guy standing around. The little butterflies in my stomach were flapping and my brain was telling me all sorts of things that wanted to be released. The good girl had been to obedient and the devil inside wanted to come out to play. From the barmen, bouncer, clubbers, i stared at all of them and analysed each and every individual, figuring out whether they were cute or if the lights made them look good? As well as if they were gay, single or what not?

All i wanted to do that evening while scanning and my brain telling me all sorts, was to spot a hot guy, look deeply into his eyes and march straight up to him and kiss the hell out of him and walk away with a cheeky grin. Ask me why i wanted to commit such an act, i don’t know? I just wanted abit of fun, nothing sex related either!

Failing to spot a decent guy, i still kept looking till for some reason i decided to scan towards the dj booths and fell into direct eye contact with one of the dj’s spinning that evening. With all the flashing and flickering lights it was hard to tell whether he was staring and winking back at me, but i kept smiling back and turning around dancing again. Eventually, the devilish ego of mine was screaming my brains out wanting to give my number to him, i screamed over the music to one of my friend’s ear and asked her to tell me if he was cute. Her positive response was a boost to my ego, i grabbed her hand and dragged her with me to the bar so i could write my name and mobile number on a piece of paper. The moment the barman gave me a piece of paper and pen i was struck dumb as to what i should write without sounding to desperate and freaky… I ended up writing with my most ugliest hand writing “Cool music 🙂 (name and number).”

I folded the piece of paper and kept it balled in my left hand, and we went back dancing, to nervous to actually go up to him especially with my brother’s eyes burning into me. Eventually we all left the dance floor to go to another section of the club that is an outside balcony, perfect for socialising and smoking. Meeting drunk people and having abit of a laugh, my mind still kept zoning back to the scene of the dj winking back at me with this cheeky grin. Finally feeling confident enough and knowing my brother was outside, i interrupted my friend’s conversation with some canadian tourist and dragged her back into the dance floor for moral support. I marched right up to the stage and in front of his booth and suddenly like a mute i stood there speechless as i came to realise i was now face to face with him! My mind told me to walk up to him smile and hand the note and walk off. Instead he looked back at me with a smile and leaned in to make a conversation.

“Hi i’m…”

“Hey! i’m…. Cool music!” Smile, smile, grin, grin like a retard! Shacking my sweaty hand.

My mind wanted to lean in to kiss him and throw the note and walk off. Instead, i said cool music, we stood there awkwardly smiling at each other, i sensed he was waiting for me to make a move and i knew i was stalling him with his work so i grabbed my imaginary balls and gave him the note and mumbled “Here’s my number”, he took it and smiled back. Knowing that i had been successful turned around grabbed my friend’s hand and bolted with laughs and singing “hey i just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number so call me maybe”.

At around 4 ish we all decided to leave the club as the balcony section was coming to a close and the club was dying down, we all going for chinese. While i was waiting for my brother to pick up his jacket from the cloak room, i started hearing this drunk guy who’d been pointing at me the earlier in the evening since the mud wrestling, silently overhearing one of his friends telling him to go and kiss me. While all this was happening my mind was screaming “MAKE A MOVE AND I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU! DON’T YOU DARE! This will teach you a lesson for wanting to be rebellious and stupid! Karma has just come and bitten you in the ass with an ugly boy trying to hook up with you!” Calmingly trying to ignore them i looked at the dark figure by the door near the bar, the dj was standing there looking my way than walking in the staff room. When he stood there for a abit, i was contemplating whether to march up to him again and kiss him but by then my brother got his jacket and was walking out the club, which ended the spell i was somewhat under.

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  1. What would you rate yourself looks-wise out of 10?

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