Like father like son

The one thing men need to do is CALM THE FUCK DOWN when it comes to having a heated argument with women. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong or if its a family member or not but you NEVER and when i mean never, EVER lay a hand on a woman!!! Even if it pisses you off to the maximum, be a gentleman and respectful and put your fist away from the face!

Ever since i can remember my dad, my first memory was always of him hitting me and my brother or if not my mom when ever he got mad with us, when we did something bad e.g talk back to him or mom, miss behaved in school, disrespectful in his working environment or didn’t do homework WAK your hit across the face till you can barely open your eyes. Thankfully now that I’m older, my dad doesn’t hit me, its messed up what he did but i guess every person goes through some sort of discipline with their parents, psychologically that was how he was raised.

And now that i’m living with my brother, he thinks he can dominate me, talk back at me and even lay a hand on me! He is the exact same “replica” of my dad, a copy/paste version. Last year when we had a heated argument over something so pathetic, normally you keep clear away from me and don’t talk to me and i’ll be ok but if YOU come at me and start throwing punches my way and lay your hand on my neck i will break something, throw something, scratch, kick and scream at you because that is the only way i know how to defend myself!

This time around i am at a friends house because i just had another fight with that ******, again the argument was over something so ridiculous you’d be asking me why bother fighting over this, but let me tell you. Before i came home, i had a very long day at uni, i’m stressed from assignments and while i’m driving i get anxiety on the road ever since i had a minor car accident. I’m going to fill $20 worth of petrol and i have to wait 20MINUTES till its my turn. You can imagine my irritated mood the second i got home, i want to be quiet and left alone to do my own thing.

But NOOOOO he comes running out of his room like a pathetic child screaming around, looking through my hang bag and clinging onto me like bloody super glue! And then tells me he ate something of mine which i made him buy for me. Something aside, i HATE sharing food! I never do it to him, but he ALWAYS DOES IT TO ME, so that struck a nerve. Why the hell should he walk all over me and act like some spoilt unhelpful brat? Seriously, he has issues and i would love to see him living on the streets right about now. He doesn’t lift a finger with the washing machine, i have to touch his fucking dirty boxer shorts and when i raise my voice he’ll argue back at me and make excuses that he’s currently busy and will come in a bit but then he never comes, instead he’s still sitting on his lazy ass in his room on his laptop watching bloody anime or blogging! He always dictates me on what HE wants to eat rather than what i want, he takes over his room, parents room and the living room, all his CLOTHES and shit are all over the place, the floor, the bed, you name it. Its like living with a pig in a farm! I’m forever cleaning the dishes and he will leave it pilled up for me to put away and because he has this mentality that i wash and he puts away, he will leave his dirty dishes in the sink! Fuck my life! Now you understand why i hate men with a passion.

For years, all i’ve known is abuse! Give me a break already. It just needs to stop! Stop taking advantage, using and abusing.

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  1. :/ All of that is decidedly un-awesome. I’ve been lucky and have never experienced anything like that, which I guess only goes to show that it doesn’t need to be like that. We’re not all like that, as empty as that might sound.

    I hope things get better for you.

    • Your lucky. Thank you, i’m much better, went to a friends an just vented my frustration and cried abit but a lot distracted myself with this assignment i need to give in on monday. I’m at home now, i see that my brother had cleaned the whole entire flat… Just like dad. This means he won’t apologise and do all this to show his “apology”.

  2. That’s pretty messed up :/ I guess you must be looking forward living on your own eh?

  3. Can’t wait, so then i won’t have daily drama.

  4. Maybe it’s time to cut them loose?
    You don’t need their abuse.
    Might then they’d see the error of their ways?
    Extend a hand?
    You could start again?
    Ground rules laid out plainly?
    If not…?
    No loss…
    Chin up
    Carry on

    Much ❤. Take care. 💋

  5. Bummer. I know what it’s like. Soon as you can move. Abuse only gets worse over time.
    Or… (not recommended but sometimes works) wait til he’s asleep, take a knife and put it to his throat, wake him up, and tell him softly that if he ever does that again, next time you’ll cut his balls off.
    Someone was once picking on me (when I was very young). One day I told him “You know, you’re tougher than I am & I know that. But someday were going to go at it. And if I think I got beaten for no reason but to make you happy, I’m going to wait until you’re asleep and dig both your eyes out with a spoon.” Never got bothered again. Guess he thought I was nuts or something.
    Anyway, do whatever you have to – but get outta there. Don’t wait until things are just right. Just go, the rest will fall into place.

    • Wow thats very graphic and violent. I can’t do that! I normally confront them with how i feel and when things get to heated i take my stuff and walk out the house for a couple of hours or i stay at a friends.

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