Things you need to know

I may not be your average kind of girl…. Actually let me restructure that. I am NOT your average kind of girl. People say they have problems etc but their exceptionally full of shit! Because i am living proof of a ticking time bomb.
My childhood has completely messed with my mind and i don’t trust anyone, not even myself. Don’t judge me from reading the first few lines, you have to read till the end to finally understand why.

The general main important things to know about me:

1 – I’m independent, i like being alone, i like doing my own thing without having anyone suck up to me. I like my personal space.

2 – Don’t like cuddles, i mainly don’t like being touched, my skin freezes and it’s as though my soul jumped out of my skin.

3 – I don’t like giving head AKA blow jobs, because most guys aren’t into the personal hygiene and have bushy hair (YUCK! Complete turn off) or just simply cos they like to ram their hands on the back of my head to gag me with their penis into my mouth.

4 – I don’t spend more than 2 days max with the guys i meet. I just don’t! I don’t know why, i feel like i’m sacrificing to much of my time for them and i feel like i’m acting like the girlfriend or something!?

5 – I normally sleep with guys 1-2 times, i’ve had bad to worst sex ever since i lost my virginity! So knowing that it’ll be bad isn’t something i look forward to! It just waste my time and eventually i grow sick of having to act for them.

6 – I hate being under pressure and when ever i don’t know how to handle it so i ignore a lot of the time.

7 – I ignore guys ALOT after sex – because i don’t want them liking me!

8 – Never fallen in love.

9 – Last time i had a “boyfriend” was 4 years ago – he wasn’t even the real deal… So scrape that off! Been single all my life.

10 – Extremely self conscious about my body and the way i look, ESPECIALLY during sex.

11 – Never experienced an orgasm.

I must seem extremely negative, to know the reasons why read this link i had previously written:

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  1. howtomeetwomeninla

    You’ve NEVER fallen in love?!?!?! How is that possible??? You’re a damn good writer by the way.

  2. Wow. All this positivity is messing up my mind. Ever tried yoga? Never touch the stuff myself.

  3. Your honesty is refreshing

  4. 11 – Never experienced an orgasm.

    Really? That’s interesting. I dated a girl once who had never had an orgasm. I have a regret there – might blog about that sometime.

  5. That no.8 part made the whole sense to every item on the list. It is a “Crisis” which nobody can risk falling for….. 😉

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