My friend’s sex tape

When i was at my girlfriends house listening to her usual crazed sex life while cooking spaghetti bolognese, next thing you know, she turns around with a cheeky smile of hers and says “promise me you won’t tell anyone… My bf and i taped ourselves having sex.” She waits and stares back at me waiting for my reply, i’m shocked yet not surprised by her dare devilish ways, i was immediately intrigued and asked for the specifics.

The reason she made the tape is because of their long distance relationship they seem to be going through for a couple months, her theory is, when ever they miss each other they can watch the tape. Weird thing is even though their in a relationship every weekend she seems to be sleeping with a random tom dick and harry. Not judging, i’m supportive of her decisions and listen to what she has to say… I’m supportive yet not so ok with her cheating with her boyfriend but what ever, it’s her relationship not mine.

The more detailed the conversation got the more i was hinting to watch it, she then stopped stirring the bolognese and said “do you want to see it?” and i instantly start laughing but agreed to see it. We stopped our cooking session and giggled our way to the her bedroom, locking the door behind us.

As weird as i thought, watching it didn’t make me want to gag or cringe or feel anything less of her, i was very intrigued especially with wanting to see what positions/techniques they did. The more i watched, the more i was fixated and couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen.

While i watched it till the end, she looked back at me with anxiety wanting to know my reaction, i kept smiling to make her feel comfortable and saying how good the tape was. She is crazy, which i adore cos she doesn’t care what people think of her, she’s a complete risk taker with full of confidence which i praise, and i think i’m the only one out of all our friends to know about her “dirty little secret”.

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  1. This is deliciously naughty…

  2. sn2snblog

    There’s nothing like taping yourself and your partner having sex to bring a little extra “fire light” into the bedroom.

    Nice honest post here.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. LUV IT! I totally did the same with my friend. She showed me hers. Get this, unusual turn on – I was hooking up with this guy, and it came up that he had a few tapes, of course asked if I could become a part of the collection, which I kindly declined before giving him a BJ, then he said i could watch one if I wanted. he taped so no faces were shown. I was intrigued so I said sure.

    So I watched this guy I’d been hooking up with, get ridden hard reverse cowgirl, with another chic. and it serrrriously turned me on! i was on my way out, had a hair appt 10 min away in 30 min. Already dressed and ready to go, but watching this girl ride him, and then when she started cumming…I got so randy, I wanted to cum! I couldn’t resist, I had to get on top of him right then. I hardly took my pants off. It ended up being the best sex ever. I had a 20 min orgasm. I was stuck in an orgasm vortex. I finally had to end it when I saw the clock and my appt was in 5 min. I cabbed it over, arrived completely frazzled, but in total bliss. Weird right?

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