Am i paranoid?

Am i paranoid? Maybe?

5 Months ago I had chlamydia and since it’s left my body i haven’t slept with anyone since, i’m very particular with how my downstairs looks like and i get extremely paranoid when the vagina starts to stretch.

So by doing the normal routine check up i KNOW that the down starts has changed and stretched from before. I blame the bloody disease! Why can’t it go back to it’s normal size rather than looking a little stretched out and swollen.

Probably its nothing to worry about and this is actually normal?? I don’t know, i’d just like to hear from other woman’s opinion.

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  1. oh, hypochondria… I swear I call the gyno or at least have the urge to call once a month because I think something is wrong…I’m guessing it’s subconscious guilt for sleeping with so many guys w/o protection (especially the one night stands….)

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