Personal grooming

When it comes to personal hygiene in general and before sealing the deal with sleeping with the guy, i always make sure i am nicely groomed so i feel a little more confident and sexy. Normally I do a bikini wax while it last longer and doesn’t give me rasher burns, cuts and bleeding. I normally do my own bikini wax as it’s cheaper and less embarrassing, i use the brand Nair as the strips are quite good and the wax itself is affective. 

Always trim the jungle because guys will get lost! It is also very ugly looking and uncomfortable having hair in your mouth (Same goes to men’s junk!).

Make sure the spikily legs are left smooth, because guys some how get hooked with feeling silky soft legs as well as complimenting how soft your skin is.

Always apply deodorant under the arms but obviously shave them off first, so it smells nice after sex or a dinner date.

I love grooming myself, even though i sometimes leave the waxing till after a month or 2 which is extremely painful to wax off afterwards. But once it’s done, my self esteem goes higher and i feel so nice and soft and would feel comfortable being butt naked in front of the guy.

Don’t let me begin to express myself when it comes to morning breath! Don’t kiss me after sleeping, cos it smells like complete disgust and poison, as though an ogre had just awoken. Always brush your teeth before, or best chew gum or mint sweets.

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  1. kinkydesoto

    I am interested in waxing. Do you do it yourself or have it done?

    • I do it myself as it’s less embarrassing and cheaper. I use this brand called Nair. It takes a lot of guts and pain, sometimes it takes me more than 5mins to strip off 1 section cos it hurts so much.

  2. ChrisKincaid

    Not sure I said this already but wanted to thank you for the thumbs up on my story. Gracias! 🙂

  3. H.H.

    You won the “Beautiful Blogger Award” for being on our blogroll!


    Lo & HH

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