My new best friend – Magic Wand

Recently i’ve been on the down low with blogging. Lets just say i’ve been far to busy catching up with my sleep and catching up with re-runs of tv episodes. I’ve been reading everyone’s comments, i’m thankful people are reading and that we can relate a few stories. I agree with everyone when it comes to me being quite stuck up when it comes to having an orgasm and simply being a bitch to the men and been quite harsh and VERY demanding, so i’ve taken your advice and been browsing for vibrators.

A few months ago i bought myself a rabbit vibrator, which frankly i thought was quite weak and to be honest crap. It took me a LONG time to feel pleasure and get in the mood, i thought it was abit to bulky, big and doesn’t tickle my clit. So i gave up with the whole pleasuring myself (to be honest i don’t really like touching myself, but since i should learn my own body, i’d let that slip and try and get used to it.) Also i guess i’m more interested in pleasuring my clit rather than the vag.

Last week in the middle of the night, when i was waiting for the sleepy feeling to hit me i did a few research on buying the best vibrator that would fit me. And i came across the Japanese brand called magic wand. I just received it yesterday and did a mini test drive and WOW, the power that little machine has is intense! Within seconds my toes were curling, that feeling that would have taken me 20mins from the rabbit.

Unfortunately, i didn’t climax! My body is far to uptight, but i’m still keeping an open mind and going to try everyday, bit by bit to reach my goal. I know it takes a lot of patiences, so i’m being optimistic for once.

I recommended my friend the second i received this bad boy. Even though i haven’t climaxed yet, i do not regret spending $90 as well as waiting for a week, it’s all worth it. I don’t have much privacy in the apartment, because i live with my brother and he is always up in my grill, especially when my door does not provide locks. I normally wait till past midnight to take out my little toy, but even then i’m self conscious because once my brother ACTUALLY walked in on me still using it, but my gut already knew he’d do it so i switched it off and laid still and pretended to sleep. So i stay cautious when ever using it.

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