Coffee or chocolate? = mocha

Recently during a dinner catch up with my friends we were talking about relationships, which some feel the need to always be with someone 24/7 and to have the need to be ‘needy’, while others – like me are the opposite from it.

The more in-depth we were talking about it, another friend interrupts to ask us a few complete random questions, but were actually quite interesting which refers to our characteristics.

What is your favourite flavour?

A. Chocolate?


B. Coffee?


A – Means your personality is the sort that likes affection and likes to be in relationships = NEEDY!

B. Is more the independent type. = ME!

But actually, i was annoyed after answering my friends theory, as i’m not always that independent. Fine, i admit, i HATE people cuddling me in my sleep, i swear i don’t know how people can drift off in a deep sleep. I stiffen up the second someone is next to me, touching, breathing in my face! How do you breathe hot air?

Putting the bitchness aside and not lashing out that i’m some up tight, lonely girl. I admitted to myself and them that even though i like being the independent type, i do admit sometimes liking having some affection (not the spooning though), but i do admit feeling lonely at times. And wishing someone did like me or loved me rather than lust be. Obviously i’d have to return the feeling as well.

So i replied by saying, i’m actually (C) Mocha, which is a combination of the 2. There case close! I am mocha and i don’t care if i changed the theory and added a new category.

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One comment

  1. SaassyT

    Love it! Before I finished reading I said to myself “ooh but I really like both” kudos fellow Mocha!

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