Put on hold – no sex drive!

I’ve recently put my ‘sex diary’ on hold simply because my sex life is DRY like the Sahara desert.

But also because i’m being a good girl and staying away from everyone while my immune system is fighting off this disgusting chlamydia which I STILL DON’T KNOW who gave me!

I confronted both one night stand guy#1 and one night stand #2 and some how in a messed up way BOTH of them recently got their std tests back and both were CLEAR! How the hell are they able to walk away without catching anything while i fall victim? I was so embarrassed! I deleted 1night stand#2 cos the way i was writing to him via Facebook inbox was as though i was pointing the fingers to him, also cos i felt guilty for making him think that his ex girlfriend had been cheating on him.

I don’t know why… But somehow, the more i think and back track and try and attempt to fit in the puzzles… Could it be this really really cute god like lawyer guy? But i hadn’t slept with him because we didn’t have a condom. We did a bit of foreplay, i didn’t give him a blow job as its not my thing and i HATE with a passion giving it! And the next morning (which i don’t count as full penetration! He doesn’t count!) when we had both woken up we were teasing each other but my GOD i was sooooo horny i wanted him so bad and so did he. He kept biting my shoulder and collarbone, spanking my bum and even biting it.

I don’t think the azithromycin antibiotics fully worked, cos i have still been noticing the symptoms such as milky white discharge, lower abdominal pains and yellowy with milky urine (sounds gross i know!) and lastly vagina a little itchy.

I’ve been doing deep research on the cause and symptoms of chlamydia, and it said that it takes at least 1-3weeks for signs to show. Thing is the lawyer had been 2weeks before both one night stand guys and i hadn’t gotten the symptoms till much later, at least a month or so?

So if, hypothetically, it had been the lawyer? Why do both one night stand guys NOT catch it? Is it because the symptoms was still developing? Or maybe it had been one night stand guy#1… He did mention he was really sick during the time he was getting tested…. Chlamydia can leave the body if your taking another form of antibiotics, maybe he’d been taking it and when he got himself tested the nurse didn’t spot it?

Ahhh my head hurts from all those what if’s and questions that i won’t even get a response from!

So yes, finishing my point, i haven’t been getting any action what so ever, nor have been seeing anyone cute to spray on like a mad woman. Right now, health comes first! And frankly to be honest, because of this huge scenario drama, i’m actually kind of turned off by men right now. I CAN’T trust them anymore! When ever i speak to a guy or see one walking past me, i build this shield and ignore them or my brains cursing at them and they haven’t even done anything to me!

The worst part is, now since i’ve been infected, even though once the antibiotics clean out the disease, it won’t be a permanent thing that’ll stay, once it’s gone its gone, like a cold or a yeast infection for example. The day i meet someone, which for all you know could be this year? Next year or who the hell knows, i don’t want them to catch it, i am so paranoid now because of it. I’d feel so guilty as well!

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  1. its been 2 yrs (for many reasons) and yest i started anti-b’s for anal carbuncles

  2. Unfortunately, sometimes even God-like lawyers have the Clap. Sorry to hear. You will certainly emerge from this more powerful than before. Great blog btw.

  3. H.H.

    In your recovery, try reading some of our stuff to help you out: mysexlifewithlola.com xoxoxo


  4. This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Cavalieri.

  5. I think I gave it to you. Sorry about that.

  6. SaassyT

    ❤ trust me I got y'all beat … single mom, 24/7, no weekends off, or a babysitting network AND too old to be out with the girls hunting for a mount = a deceased sex life LOL

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