Explode my climax

All i want right now is to find a sexy good looking guy that’d be crazy about me. But not in the boyfriend relationship kind.

I want a guy who’ll allow me to be dominant in the relationship – for once i want to be the male in the relationship. But when it comes to sex, he’s the full tiger who gets to control me and tell me what to do and be straight to the point.

Tell him when and where to see him and ask him to give me the best orgasm in the whole universe! He be hypnotized in only being locked in the bedroom, fooling around in between the sheets. For once, i’d be able to feel pleasure and complete satisfaction.

I want to smell his sweat and sex! I don’t want him to sleep over and cuddle me.

Just give it to me passionately and hard, don’t ‘fuck’ me like a mad man, take your time, slow as we have all night. Someone who’ll be able to know how to use his hands and not hurt my vagina and leave it swollen the next morning.

I want his tongue to caress and explode my body, make me feel comfortable around him, naked while the lights are on.

I want to be able to look into his eyes rather than looking at the wall with embarrassment.

In public, if i don’t want sex, i want to be able to talk to him and sneak in a few passionate kisses and comfortably hold his hand.

I don’t want him talking about me to friends and family, i like it to be a secret between the two of us as it brings more excitement, as though playing ‘hide and seek’. Bringing more adrenaline, sexual hype and thrill in knowing we’re going to get caught in any moment.

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  1. Sounds about right to me! BTW, thanks for visiting my poetry blog

  2. Thanks for liking my post. I want to play hide and seek…

  3. Hi, thanks for popping by to say hello by the way. Very interesting blog, funny how two worlds can be so different comparing your blog to my own. I will be sure to return and read your blogs in the future.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Reblogged this on thehuntformrrightnow and commented:
    She’s said EXACTLY what I am thinking, what I have been thinking, this very evening. Are we twins? Or is this what so many of us women want…? A lover with a slow hand. And more.

  5. C

    Sounds like a great relationship. Fun without pressure. Who wouldn’t want something so great?

  6. The Enfant Terrible

    Hi! Thanks for the likes… I love your site. If you liked ‘Blue’, you should check out ‘Foreplay’ http://hellisafourletterword.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/foreplay/ 🙂

  7. Oh lord, if only guys like that existed, seriously! I would hunt him down and lock him in my closet just so he’d be my dirty secret. :3

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