You gave me CHLAMYDIA!?

Last week i did my yearly routine check up by visiting the public sexual health clinic. I was freaking out as i HATE going there because the doctors always act as though you have aids or about to kill them with some sort of disease, even if your clean. The worst is having to spread your legs on the stirrups and they start poking your vagina with all sorts of tools for the routine pap smear.

This is the second time round that i’ve visited the sex clinic and last year the male doctor did my pap smear and informed me i was clear but had a very bad case of yeast infection, moments later he gave me antibiotics and off i went doing my usual thing. After the results i hadn’t had sex in over 14months, which was fine by me till i went to London and thats when i needed to scratch that itch with men.

When i had those two one night stands, i was already freaking out during and after sleeping with those guys, i acted as though it didn’t bother me… But because i already had bad experiences, i knew i’d get something. And guess what? I did! Shortly after, when i came back home to Australia, i started noticing extra discharge, and it wasn’t the normal looking kind. It was more of a liquid type and i’d sometimes have alot! Once it was so bad it left like i peed myself. Also i noticed that i had a little Oder which obviously didn’t smell normal and sometimes it’d be a little bit itchy. To me i thought i was experiencing another yeast infection due to over washing my vagina with shower gel, because thats how i got it the year before.

I finally booked an appointment 2months from the last time i had sex. Going to the clinic, i was already panicking and thinking of all sorts of bad news. I had a young lady doctor who did my pap smear, throat swob, blood test and urinal test. She was very nice but when i had asked her how my downstairs was looking, i knew i had extracted something but didn’t want to admit it.

Today was the results! When i called the nurse, she told me all the results were negative UNTIL she mentioned i had caught chlamydia and needed to come see her right away. Right then i said i’d be over in 15minutes, which i did. I was speechless but mostly shocked. I’m surprised with myself that i didn’t throw a tantrum or start yelling at the 2guys through text. I’m actually very calm and ok with it? Shocking i know, but i knew what i was getting myself into when i allowed them to penetrate me unprotectedly. So i guess it’s my fault and a huge lesson learnt.

While waiting for the nurse in the waiting room i thought to myself, BUY condoms and shove it in my purse the next time i go out! Note taken and i will follow through. The nurse was very nice, she spoke to me about the symptom and gave me azithromycin and off i went.

I’m only angry with myself for not knowing who it is exactly! I was hoping it was one night stand guy number 1 more than 2. Because i liked number 2 more than 1. I guess i was acting a little indenial, because he seems like such a sweet heart and gentlemen and he went through so much. I messaged on whatsapp one night stand guy number 1 but didn’t tell him i had chlamydia, i knew he just got himself checked so asked him what his results were, and he was clean! I felt releaved but a little sick in my stomach when thinking its guy number 2 who has given it to me. I told him… Hinted, i guess i’m still indenial for saying the word out loud.

I wanted to punch him so hard, i wanted to beat someone so badly. He apologized and said he would have taken the beating as he admitted it was his fault and booked himself to get checked aswell. I might sound extremely mean but i hope he also tests positive for it because if he’s negative than WHO the hell gave me chlamydia? I’ve been thinking about every men and my last test and trying to fit the puzzle together and i can’t think of any other excuse. If one minute my results are clean, sleeping with one night stand guy number one and he tells me he’s clean. It took 4days to inbetween to sleep with those 2guys, if guy number 1 is clean, then it means i got it from guy number 2…. Great! Thanks!

I feel bad for the guy now, because he says that hearing i have chlamydia now proves him his ex girlfriend cheated on him… Ouch talk about slap in the face. And i get it, i fall victim to that stupid cow who went to sleep with another guy.

All this has been a huge lesson learnt for me, i’ll always carry a packet of condoms when ever i go out and especially if i decide to leave with a guy! Thankfully the disease will be out of my system in a weeks time and i’ll have another pap smear to confirm it’s completely out of my system. The nurse said she was glad that even though i caught the disease for being “stupid”, she was glad i went to get myself checked out right away which she wish more people did. So i give myself a little pat on the back because i guess i rather have chlamydia than any other disease in the end of the day. I hope by posting this i get to help an individual to realise that no one is safe anymore, people by being to promiscous are mostly at high risk to catching an std. I’m crossing fingers this post ‘scares’ you enough to go get yourself checked!

I know you are thinking i’m a slut and i’m nasty! I am NOT! Irresponsible was what i was and naive.

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  1. Dang, what an experience but at least guy #2 admitted huh? Karma on him that he didn’t check himself and end up finding out his ex cheated on him. Sorry just the way I see it πŸ™‚

    • A lesson learnt from both our parts. And yes I agree, it takes guts to admit something like that. Well he did check himself a few months back and the doctors said he was clean… But obviously he must have gotten it between that time and spending the night with me. Teach me a lesson (note to self, bring own set of condoms)

  2. “Condoms are cheaper than chlamydia” should be your watch word πŸ™‚

  3. “So i guess it’s my fault and a huge lesson learnt.” If he didn’t know he had it, I guess he can’t really be blamed. But if he did, it would definitely be his fault. Lying about STIs is several magnitudes of effed-uped-deceptive.

  4. Consider yourself lucky my father died from liver failure when he was 55 that was caused by an std {VD} infection he received as a parting gift from one of his ex’s.

  5. Patti Pachew

    chlamydia is one nasty disease and of course it can create some kind of internal bleeding which is also dangerous. ..`,;Kind regards“>

    • Thank you for passing by and informing me on the symptoms. I was lucky to have caught it early, so the treatment wasn’t so severe especially when i noticed a change in my body as soon as i saw i was having constance discharge and looking red and swollen on my downstairs as well as being irritated.

  6. eroticstorytime

    I’m very sorry to hear about your experience but glad to learn that you are OK now. Take care of yourself

  7. Nah I’m not thinking you’re a slut or nasty – lucky it was just C though. I got that once, easily cleared up but you steer clear a bit afterwards of unprotected sex. On the other hand, condoms are necessary but evil!

    • Thanks for the support πŸ™‚ its nice to hear other people who went through a similar situation. I’m a little self conscious right now, even though i want sex i’m staying the hell away from it.

  8. You’re pretty lucky that you actually had symptoms–most don’t. Esp. men. And to make matters worse, I remember Planned Parenthood telling me you can get false negatives on your test, too! I got it from a guy I started seeing, we got treated, he slept with his ex, and gave it to me again. Ahhh, good times.

  9. Oh yeah, that was years ago. Being the dumb bitch that I am, I went on to stay with him for 8 more years AND have a child with him. We’re not together anymore (not because of cheating) but that experience was indicative of a lot dysfunctional behavior yet to come.

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