Never been out on a date!

It’s quite sad thinking that i’ve never been asked on a date since i’ve hit puberty. My mom still does not understand why no young men in this generation aren’t bothered to be gentlemen, and doesn’t understand why i’m always at home during the weekend instead of having fun with other younger people… I don’t understand either. I’ve noticed now, when you meet someone and it begins to hit it off the first time round, instead of asking the person on a date, they instead ask for your facebook account or mobile number and ask you to join them on a night out at the club. To grind on each other, get drunk and possibly have sex with you that night and never see you again.

I recently stupidly went up to a cute man and said straight up his face that he was extremely handsome. My golden ticket came up when he asked for my number upfront, while he was keying in his number in my mobile i blurted out to him that i’d never been out on a date! The horror! But he was sweet and said he’d take me out for lunch but not on a date but just as friends. I didn’t mind it till the next day we were at lunch, we were hitting it off.. Well kind of? I wasn’t that interested to begin with. The second time round when i saw him, i was a little taken aback when i remembered him saying he didn’t want our lunch to be a date, because to me, the whole afternoon felt like it was a date. He paid for everything, brought me to a lovely organic restaurant, allowed me to order anything i wanted, took me to a bar after and in the end walked me home. To MY doorstep! But anyways, it was fun, even if it wasn’t a date.

But i’d still like someone wording the words out loud, in a romantic goofy way “I’d like to get to know you more over dinner tonight?”

What happened to romantic/shriveled men? Either their not being breed anymore or their just not bothered to go through the whole getting to know you faze.

Now a days, young guys see you and walk straight for the door without holding it for you or allowing you to pass first. They don’t pull out a chair for you to take a seat at the restaurant. They don’t open the car door for you when you want to go in or out of the car. They don’t bother inviting you over for a candle lit home cooked dinner. And they certainly don’t buy a bouquet of flowers and ask the delivery guy to send it over with a little message saying he’s thinking of you. And having that romantic soft first kiss and watching him leave you at your doorstep with a smile.

All this is being portrayed by actors in romantic comedy’s, giving me false hope that a man like this exist. I’ve been screwed over so many times that i don’t hope on something like this to ever happen! Though i’d like that very much, i just don’t see it happening.

I sometimes wished i lived in the period of the war in the 1920’s-40s, not going through losing the war or losing someone you love. Just the pre-war period, where the men are such helpless romantics towards their women, it is painful to say goodbye when departing for the train.When ever i watch movies like that, i end up crying like a huge baby! And i rarely cry! I end up crying even harder when i reflect on my past encounters with men, because none were romantic or passionate. Actually the more i think of it now, the harder it is to even remember those memories of guys i’ve been with and what ever possessed me to go for them.

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  1. Linghaman

    First of all, thanks for reading linghamanslog!!! I love having younger readers. I read several of your posts they are wonderful. I am now a follower. Relative to this one, they are out there. I have one he is my son. His two sisters would beat him up if he wasn’t a gentleman to a girl. LOL

    Be patient. You are young. They are ou
    t there and you will find him some day. Don’t give up.


    • Thank you Linghaman, means alot. Yes i know he’s out there, just trying to be patient but it tends to be a little frustrating after a while. Thank you for following my blog 🙂 You raised an amazing son! You must be proud of him. I am the same towards my brother, always telling him what he needs to do, and things he shouldn’t.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you will stop by again and explore. Gentlemen are out there. To attract them, act like a lady and pray. May God bless you and keep you safe. 🙂

  3. I remember my first date (this was what I considered my first) and I was 17 then. I’m 21 now and I don’t even know what happened to men like those nowadays. I haven’t been swept off my feet for the longest time on a date by a man. I know it gets frustrating most of time but stay patient! (I even need to remind myself that most of the time.)

    Lovely blog. I’m reading every post you made last April. 🙂
    I hope you continue blogging. I can’t wait to see more of your posts.

  4. The type of man you are looking for does exist, but we are being killed off. Not dying per se, but as times and attitudes change it seems that more and more women see the “romantic” man as weak, or out dated. I am a romantic, and a gentleman. But when I ask women out I get the “you don’t want to date me,” or the “I just want to be friends” speech. It really feels as though women today do not want that any more, and so men have had to adapt and change to fit the times, or else they get left behind like me. If that really is the type of man you want then keep looking, we are out there, we’re just hard to find.

  5. Maybe it depends on where you meet men? I’m politically active, and a lot of men are too, and they seem to be interested in relationships and not just quickies. Maybe think of activities you enjoy and get involved in them, and then you’ll meet men who have similar interests to yours. (Maybe men who are drawn to certain types of interests are more interested in relationships? Perhaps something for you to explore. Would be interesting to read about your adventures.)

  6. I’ve never been on a date either; I only get asked by guys I don’t like or total losers who are only after one thing – they’re often strangers. The guys I like don’t ask me out, or by the time I ask them out, they’re seeing someone else. I totally get what you mean about staying in at weekends, I’d love to be popular and out clubbing all weekend but I have a few solid, good friends rather than lots of mates, so my life isn’t at all what I’d wish. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sometimes I feel like a failure for not going on a real date and for being inexperienced with guys, and for staying home weekends. But I’m very slightly older than you, so don’t feel bad 🙂

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