Militiary me

Last year, during a gathering which college held, I came across this guy who joined the gathering towards the last minute. He looked cute, well compared to everyone else who’d rocked up, yes i can say he was quite good looking and had this sort of look which gave me the vibe of “don’t fuck with me”. I hadn’t spoken to him but kept glancing his way throughout the gathering and sometimes would catch him looking my way. Going home, i did the usual stalking on facebook and found his name, immediately i added him and had inboxed him saying a few nice words, like “it was nice meeting you, catch you around on campus soon?” He replied shortly and we had exchanged each others numbers.

The following week, he had messaged me and asked to meet up over coffee. Turned out he is part of the army, doing it part time, and going training every other week. We ended up sitting in the cafe for 3hours, he was very nice and drove me back home as it was far to late to take the bus. I invited him over my place so we could keep talking, till finally he left shortly after. He was such a nice guy, but i couldn’t be sexually attracted to him because he had just informed me he had broken up with his long term girlfriend. And i was sensing huge red flags around him warning me yelling “REBOUND”.

The weekend came, and he arranged to come over to watch this movie he had borrowed. When the movie had ended, obviously not knowing any other topic, we started talking about the obvious type, the sex kind of conversation, which had lasted hours. Most of the conversation had somehow revolved around my sex life, about me never experiencing an orgasm in my whole existence. It had eventually come clear that he was trying, but failing to flirt and make a move on me, which was quite inappropriate considering he had just broken up with his girlfriend days ago.

He was making an even bigger fool out of himself when he had asked me if he could kiss me. I laughed so hard and became so uncomfortable i was making it obvious i didnt want to, by looking away and saying alot of “mmm” and scratching my head. Instead he just kept looking at me, all serious, which made it even more uncomfortable.

I told him i didn’t want to kiss him, and said “how about a rain cheque?” He finally gave in… Or so i thought, for the next 2 hours, he’d ask me over and over again if i was sure to not want to kiss him. And bragging to me on how many women would jump on the opportunity to have sex with him because he’s in the army, especially because those women fantasized about having sex with him with his uniform on. All that made me want to gag and kick him out.

Finally i had enough, and said my brother was coming any minute from his evening shift and he needed to leave. When i was walking him down to his car he kept asking atleast 3-4 times confirming again if i wanted to kiss him. The guy was clearly desperate and was trying everything in his power to kiss me. I think his intentions that night before he came over was so he could screw me hard in order to fully move on from his ex. huh uh! Sorry dude! I’m not that kind of girl, nor am i going to go for someone who’s just desperate and is seen all over.

Just as he was about to leave, he grabbed my ass and AGAIN asked me if he could kiss me. Man, how many times do i need to clarify the message to him? No, i DON’T want to kiss you… Thanks for making this evening awkward and humiliating on your part, leave now, i’m busting to pee! The second he drove off, that was the end of him! I deleted him off my facebook and mobile because i don’t have time to deal with being the rebound to guys who’ve broken up with their girlfriends.

The guy was clearly out of his mind and kept trying to make me interested in everything about his military training. It’s nice to see he’s passionate about it, but don’t mix the topic with sex, especially when your not interested. And to finalize it, stop questioning me and repeatedly asking the same question time and time again to kiss me. Answers no, and will stay that way.

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