“Hey i just met you, this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe?”

Being in London for the long christmas holidays, made me go completely insane when it came to men! They were everywhere, and because i hadn’t had sex in over a year, you can imagine my underwear just kept getting wet when ever I laid eyes on an extremely good looking man. Just the thought of picturing them naked, kissing every inch of my body and just fantasizing them just giving me the biggest orgasm ever just made me go insane.

When my mom and i went christmas shopping for my dad, we went to the men’s department of Hugo Boss, and there he was! This young looking gorgeous man. I kept blushing, yet making it extremely obviously i was staring at him. When we left, i became my oh so annoying usual self to my mom and kept obsessively complaining on how cute the guy was.

The following week my mom went back to the shop and decided to purchase the briefcase we were laying our eyes on the previous week. The moment we entered the men’s section, he laid eyes on us and came running to us to serve us. I melted! Literally melted, he kept pulling all those cute faces and talking with that cute posh british accent.

I couldn’t take it anymore! I arranged a note with my name and number for the guy and packed it in my hand bag. Days later, my elder cousin dragged me to go in with her to pretend to purchase something for her so called “boyfriend” we must have done a good job with our acting skills, cos he was serving us and joking around for what felt like 20minutes. Eventually his manager asked him to go cater to another customer, so we left, we didn’t want him to get in trouble. I was devastated to not be able to give my number, i didn’t want to make it obvious and humiliate myself so i just walked out the door, plus because i saw the body guard kept STARING our way as though we were about to steal something.

I was depress the moment we stepped out of the shop. I complained that i needed a drink for being so obsessed with a guy i did not know. We went to a very nice bar across the street from the shop. We began drinking from 5pm and began socializing with this group of men who were next to us, they were so nice they kept buying us rounds and we just ended up having an extremely good time. We all laughed alot, took plenty of pictures and all exchanged each others numbers, i even played match making for my cousin with one of the men who i kept socializing with for the evening. Especially because they had alot in common and because they were roughly around the same age. I told the man about my obssession with the Hugo Boss guy (his new nickname) and he along with everyone in the group encouraged me to just step up my game and go in and demand for his number. Like a complete nut case, i listened and downed my glass of champagne and bolted for the door.

The moment i was downstairs, that damn body guard was still there! Giving me the form of daggers, i was regretting a little bit coming over, especially seeing all the staff members hovering around the till area. Finally that guy was there and saw me, and said to give him a second as he was busy finishing dealing with a customer. I waited a little to impatiently and was rushing through my thoughts thinking of a good pick up line to give him. When he came back to me, he moved me a little out of ear shot from everyone else and asked me what i wanted from him. And straight, then and there i told him everything, brain completely foggy from the alcohol and the adrenaline rush. I was surprise to see him agree to me and came back with a blank piece of paper and pen and began writing me his details from mobile number to full facebook name. He said he wasn’t going to finish his shift for another 2more hours, and wondered how long i was going to stay at the bar.

I left with a huge grin, and began waving the number to my cousin and everyone else who we were hanging out with at the bar. 2Hours later, the Hugo Boss guy called me wondering where i was and which bar i was in, i gave him the full details and moments later he was hugging me. He bought me a drink and we were socializing for an hour, after we left and began walking towards my place. I was so happy, the whole situation felt so sur-real. After walking for a while, i must have given him the vibe that i wanted to kiss him, and finally he did. My god it was amazing! He was so cheeky and smoking hot i wanted to die on the spot. I was slowly developing emotional feelings for the guy.

It felt as though he came out of the movies, just carrying me, kissing me and touching me all the place. It was the best 2days of my life. I wanted to do more than kiss… I wanted to have full on, rock on hard and steamy sex with him. Just thinking of him when ever i didn’t see him, my underwear just kept soaking itself as though i peed myself, it was crazy! Till it all suddenly ended…

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  1. so did u have sex? the ending is lame

    • Sorry for disappointing, yes it was lame… New years came, he came over to pick me up to take me to his, once he was there my family wanted to wish him but he was to shy and my drunk cousin tried pressuring him and pestering him to come in to be respectful and come out with her and her friends. We stood in the cold for 30mins trying to get out of the conversation. We eventually left but he was in such a pissy mood that in less than 5mins we walked around the block and he dropped me home half way and never contacted me again! Lame! Was very heart broken and disappointed cos we were hitting it off pretty well on the 1st 2days, but its life.

  2. He works at Hugo Boss…you can do better than that! Aim higher…bigger wallet! 🙂

    • Haha thank you, yes i agree with you… But it isn’t always about the money though (maybe not yet for me). Right now i’m looking for someone that i’m able to share good chemistry and a good time in bed.

      • If you want just a good time then grab whatever you can find thats decent but if you’re also looking for someone to keep you warm at night then keep having fun but do it with guys who have a career, education, etc. In the long run…it will save you the time of weeding them out! 🙂

  3. howtomeetwomeninla

    Sounds like your family did you a favor by the way he acted. I enjoy your writing style!

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