To sex or not to sex? That is the question…

I’ve never had a one night stand and always told myself that i’d never have the guts to just go to some strangers house after only hours of en counting them. Lets just say the first time round that happened was when i was almost drunk out of my face to easily be taken advantage of. The second time, i don’t actually know what possessed me to follow him home after only 3hours of meeting him. I guess 20 is the year to experiment?

Fail one night stand number 1:

The weekend before valentine’s day, i went out with my brother and a childhood friend we had finally met after 10years. We all went out to some random last minute club, where the music was not exactly entertaining, it didn’t matter though, all we wanted to do was have a good evening and try and dance but the dj kept changing his songs at mid chorus that we all decided to annoy the bar tender with shots to keep us entertained. Before the end of the night, the bar man asked for my number which i did give out. The eve before valentine’s day, we decided to catch up over drinks in the town, he brought me to this very nice restaurant/bar. We kept ordering a few rounds and conversed with each other for a few hours. When we were leaving, i thought i was going to go home but instead he had brought me back to the club he worked in, he has his own set of keys, it was obviously shut for the night. I can’t remember what exactly happened but i can tell you, he jumped on me and started tarring off my clothes and we ended up having sex… Unprotected! Something i never allowed any stranger to do. We were going full on for what felt like days, it was the worst night of my life because i didn’t want to sleep with him, the noises that was being made when he was licking my ears sounded like a sink being drained. My head was spinning, the feeling of being on a boat and going through a bad ocean wave motion rocking back and forth.

The sex was uncomfortable, like the “bad rabbit incident” with my ex-sex buddy, he had the same rhythm, fast and rough. I clearly wasn’t feeling it, my vagina was also doing the talking making it clear i was dry as a bone. He kept doing things with his hand on my crotch which were extremely unpleasant and painful. It was as though rubbing your hand on sand paper over and over again. I was in agony, i kept telling him to slow down and eventually stop, but he didn’t want to listen, he kept going thinking i was going to “orgasm” which i was far from. Finally when i was released from my prison sentence after he came, all i wanted to do was run the hell out of that nightmare! We went home and called it a night. The next morning and for the next 3days, you can guess that my vagina was swollen and red from the rough friction from the night before. Peeing, bathing myself and walking was unpleasant, it had reminded me of the time i was given urinal infection from the guys “big penis” incident. Sex is not meant to hurt! It is meant to be pleasurable and amazing, NOT feeling pain the next day with a very deformed looking vagina!

Fail one night stand number 2:

The eve before i was leaving London to go back to Australia, I met a friend of mine and his mutual friend who’d come over for the weekend. I got to spend the evening with the guy who was over for the weekend and he turned out to be extremely nice to talk and joke around. Meeting the 2 guys that night was actually uncomfortable and bad timing, but anyways that is irrelevant. It didn’t take long for the guy and i to start locking lips. What had happened was he leaned in for a quick kiss, not knowing how it’d react. I’d been compelled and possessed, I became this confident person and whole other person, somewhat manly behavior as though the roles had been reversed. I shoved him back and threw myself on him kissing him back. 3 hours later before the club was going to spin its last record for the evening he’d asked me to go home with him, promising me he wouldn’t attempt anything. Just wanting my company and having a body to lye with for the evening. I agreed and we left in the cab, once at his, we were lying in his room kissing, one thing lead to another and i was lying naked.  Excited for what was going to happen i was looking forward to having an amazing few hours with him, Thinking he had a box of condoms like any other horny man would stash in their bed side draw, it turned out he hadn’t, my brain was now racing for alternatives, i immediately began interrogating him about his sex history, receiving all the positive outcome and hearing he’d been gone to the sex clinic just recently, my nerves were. But everything rapidly shattered when his penis couldn’t erect! The poor guy was so embarrassed and didn’t want me to touch his penis, he distracted me with his hands and mouth on my vagina, i didn’t care, the feeling was great, i wanted more, i needed more and i had to have more. Knowing the consequences, i knew it wasn’t going to happen, so we embraced each other and fell asleep for half an hour. When the alarm rang, the guy somehow had sobered up in his sleep and was finally able to get erected, unfortunately, i had less than 30 minutes before making my way home to get ready for the airport! I pressured the poor guy till the very last minute. I guess the one night stand wasn’t that bad, just bad circumstances with him being somewhat very drunk and me running against the clock in hopes to not miss my flight and get caught by my parents and having to do the walk of shame. In the taxi going back home to get ready and head off for the airport, my dad calls, you can imagine the conversation, wasn’t exactly pleasant thats for sure.

Both guys i’d slept with were unprotected, something that was extremely reckless and dangerous. The thought of falling pregnant or catching an STD made me paranoid and immediately book an appointment with the sexual health clinic.

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  1. Fortunately that never happened to me, because I never fuck with someone I do not know…. and the last condom I saw was attached to a strapon *grin*

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