What is to old?

A year after breaking up with my boyfriend, i went cold turkey. I kept to myself and drowned myself with my school work and dance classes, I ended up doing 10 hours 5days a week, just to keep my mind at ease.

During the summer break i went and worked over the holidays as a waitress. The chef whom i worked with seemed nice, somehow giving me the attention i’d been lacking for a while.

Weeks passed, we grew closer to each other. It turned out he was at the time turning 27, while i was only 17. The evening in his room of our head quaters, he leaned to kiss me, i suddenly became hungry for more, desperate to have his affection and warmth tangling and wrapped around my body. I was a prey while he was my victim, i was determined to make him mine for the evening.

When we had sex, the ecstasy that i was taken over suddenly drained out of my body, i no longer felt that hunger the second he penetrated me, instead the lust had turned into dread because his package was somewhat none existent.

I went back for more the evening after, to try and fix things, hoping it’d be better the second time round, instead it turned out to be worst. He didn’t want me to touch him in that area, maybe because he was self conscious? I don’t know, i just left it at that, but what really got to me was when he didn’t allow me to be ontop. All you could hear, was the bed creaking.

When we were at work, he was slowly making it obvious and visible to the other staff members that something was clearly happening between the two of us. They had somehow found out about the evening we had shared, and threatened to use the information against us to the our manager.

Because he was older, i had thought he would have acted responsible over the whole situation. Because of all the controversy circling around the head quarters and all the staff members getting involved, because they were worried for me being underage and getting caught. It was clear that what he and i had vanished, which was the right thing to do. But he took it badly and took our personal matters out into our professional lives at work. Making it extremely difficult to get through the day.

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  1. H.H.

    Found your blog through Gillian. Just read this: Lo had a similar experience (or experiences) – she’s with me, significantly older than she. She was with a guy on steroids once – shrunk shank.
    You’ll enjoy our blog, I think. Cum on by.

  2. Eep! Guy sounds super insecure. It also probably didn’t help that technically he just committed statutory rape, so he probably felt very vulnerable and tried to cover it up by the way he was acting at work. Go figure. Clearly better off without him.

    • How could it be rape when i had already lost my virginity the year before? But yes i agree he made it very difficult for me especially at work (that was atleast 3yrs ago)

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