Men and their penises!

Ever since i moved to Australia and turned 18, i noticed men have a different approach when it comes to “befriending” you for the first time. I remember when i was growing up, i had many guy friends who i’d be able to confide in and act goofy along with. Meeting men now since i’ve passed the adult age, men now rather want to be more than your friend. Why do they do that!? Is it because they think they have an actual shot at getting you to change your mind? Or is it cos their desperate and want to try their luck? That’s a question i’d never fully get an answer.

I’m a nice girl, early 20s and single. I can say i’m not that unattractive. But that doesn’t mean my forehead is labeled “Single and fuckable”. Why is it that men are so desperate? For example, a few days ago, this guy who’s roughly around my age, was so desperate and determined that it seemed as though he thought that after going to the movies together i’d like him right after that and end up being his girlfriend. He was nowhere near my type, but i thought i’d be his friend instead, because i like meeting new people and i’m not going to be a snob and tell him to run along. For a solid week he kept messaging me wanting to go out again, i kept ignoring or making excuses hoping he’d get the slightest hint that i wasn’t interested. I ended up having to tell him the truth that i didnt want to hurt him and just wanted to be his friend, for the billionth time since i met him! He obviously took it badly and lashed out on me and changed the story around saying he wasnt good looking enough for me and since i stated he was going to get hurt, i shouldn’t message him anymore. So i left it as that, i didnt’ know what else to do.

But in general, the point which i’m trying to make is, why do guys always think of their penises rather than their actual brains? I’m not a piece of meat! I might as well not be friends with guys, because i’m going to end up being paranoid and always thinking to myself “does he want more? please stop staring at my face, and DON’T you dare try kiss me or else i’ll scream in your mouth!”

Why can’t you just be my friend!? Don’t try anything, because it’ll make it worst, i’ll ignore you thats for sure! Even when you say that your not interested, i hint the ideal guy whom i’m interested (which does not fit their characteristics), they seem to ignore what was being said and yet, still try to make a move. It’s so embarrassing when that happens.

Just do me a big favour, stop your crap! Men are horny, all they care about is feeding their lust and competing with themselves with the amount of women they can get to bed with. Stop fantasizing and thinking by making a move i’d end up giving you what you want! I won’t spread my legs for you. My standards are HIGH, if you don’t meet the criteria then sorry i won’t even consider sleeping with you for a split second. Sorry if i’m harsh, but this is my body and my vagina, i call the shots in allowing the next “customer” to penetrate me.

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  1. May be it’s part of the evolutionary process … men who are always horny and need to stick it in you as fast as they can are the ones who reproduced more while those who wanted to take their time reproduced less and therefore had to face their own extinction?


  2. Where in Australia are you based?

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