Losing the big V

5 years ago i decided to lose the big V with my then boyfriend back in high school. During the time we weren’t actually labeling it, i can’t actually remember why we weren’t officially together at the time.. Probably because we were young and stupid, and constantly fighting.

When it was time to go the extra mile where i’ve never done or been before was actually scary, I don’t know how i managed to pull through. But i can tell you, if you did it with the right person and you feel this connection of only trust, as though you are the only 2 people in the world who can see what your about to do, means it was the perfect time to say good bye to the big V.

During the process, it wasn’t happy candy though! It was painful! A nightmare, all i wanted to do was cry in pain, especially the thought of deforming my vagina, felt alien to me. My boyfriend at the time tried to make the experience pleasurable, and was very cautious and sensitive during the process, it was nice to hear someone care so much for you and always checking up and even saying we’d stop if it was to painful. I didn’t want to stop, i wanted the pain to go away, because like in the story books or magazines or even gossips from other girls who’ve been through the experience say once the aweful part is gone comes the pleasure. I wanted that, i wanted to feel that connection with him.

The weird part when we had finished, i don’t remember seeing any blood, my friends who’d lost theirs before me all told me they bleed.

The next morning i felt extremely weird, as though i had just woken up from a major operation, even looking down at my vagina was weird. It was as though i had been reborn, my old childish self leaving me behind, while the new and groan up me took over.

If i can remember correctly, i think it took a couple of tries to fully loose the V. Even though we are no longer together and out of each others lives, i can tell you, i live without regret over losing such a huge part of myself. As long as you give it to the right person!

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  1. RamazingRain

    you’re lucky that you still lose it to someone whom you can call a boyfriend, but mine, damn. I lost it to a fuck buddy… Well, I don’t regret it though since I like him even a little but more of just for sex.

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