Big or just TOO big?

There was this guy i met one night at a bar in uni, we hit it off and ended up exchanging numbers at the end of the night. A few weeks after we had arranged to meet up and for me to stay the night, because we were all going to a friends place. I wasn’t complaining at the time, because i kind of wanted to sleep with him, but not in those circumstances! I wanted to go back to his house and stay in his bed! Instead, the guy who drove us to meet his girlfriend, a sort of gathering you can say, ended up getting to drunk. So we had to sleep in the friends girlfriends ROOM! It was humiliating the next morning, kind of like the walk of shame… But i’ll elaborate more later, let me explain to you what happened.

Everyone had gone to sleep, we were alone in the room and were talking. Next thing you know, we’re slowly getting in the mood to go further. While we were doing it, i couldnt help but feel huge pains inside of me, the muscle of my bladder was being badly rubbed by his penis. The experience was excruciatingly painful, i wanted to cry, instead i held back my tears… Stupid, i know! And pretended to enjoy it and waiting for the sex to be over.

He was such a lovely guy, but i guess he was just to big for me? As in VERY big!

After that night, when he dropped me off to mine, i took a shower, started doing my “bleach” clean, just to remove the sex. My bladder was getting worst, the pain was getting more and more painful everytime i went to the toilet. 2days later, i broke out with a bad fever, i didn’t think much of it at the time so decided to cat nap. A few hours later, i went to the toilet and just as i was about to wipe myself, i saw that i was bleeding! I had just finished my period days before, so i knew it wasn’t because of that.

I went to the doctors, because i was FREAKING out! And also cos i called my mom, but obviously i didn’t tell her the reason why i was bleeding everytime i went to the toilet. The worst part of going to the doctor was i had no other option but to ask my grandpa to bring me, since it was the middle of the day and everyone else was at work and i still hasnt had my license at the time.

The doctor started interrogating me, i answered in an innocent way, not telling him exactly what happened and how i ended up in this situation. In the end after all the thousand of questions and a mini tests, the doctor asked me to pee in a cup! He analysed my urine and came back saying he’d checked to see whether i was PREGNANT! You can imagine how mortified i was, especially because my 86 year old grandpa was sitting right next to me, listening to the whole conversation that was happening. The doctor said i had a very bad urinal infection that was the cause of the bleeding. The doctor ended up prescribing me oral anti-biotics.

I was shocked that a guy could end up giving excruciatingly painful sex and make you go through so much pain! The guy had been so nice to me, and kept trying to hang out with me. But because of the experience i never did! I just couldnt bear the thought of going through the pain again. It was a huge lesson learnt.

To make things worst, out of the blue, my ex-sex friend had contacted me days later, and i wanted to see him, so i invited him over… I don’t need to tell you what happened do i? I slept with my ex sex buddy days after getting better from urinal infection and days after having sex with another man! I felt horrible! I ended up cutting contact with the two guys because i felt shame and disgust with myself, but not only that, because those two guys were extremely bad in sex that they weren’t worth keeping. If i did, my vagina would be in hospital going through heavy anti-biotics.

1. to NEVER keep your mouth shut when your feeling pain in a certain position. 2. tell the poor guy that he’s hurting you! 3. don’t ask your grandpa to take you to the doctors.

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