Bad rabbit!

A few years ago i had a sex friend, i never had a person offering me this kind of relationship which is just sex, and only sex, no strings attached. Just see each other during the weekend evenings, he’d stay the night and when it was light, he’d disappear and we’d move on with our lives. Normally having this sort of advantage with a person who shares the same excitement and spontaneously would end up getting along for a long time and you wouldn’t need to worry about being self conscious about your cellulites or the lights being on, because the guy wouldn’t be analysing your body as much as a guy who’s crazy about you.

I still remember the night when we had verbally agreed on being friends with benefits, i was nervous and willing to try the experience. Boy do i regret it! When we went to the bedroom and started doing it, i felt that his package between my legs weren’t the size i was imagining i’d like to feel in me. It had already started off badly, sign number 1, but because it was the first time we were doing it, i shrugged it off. Because who’s ever had great sex on the first time round? If you have, your very lucky!

As the weeks progressed, the sex was getting WORST, the positions and moves were all wrong and it was either very uncomfortable or i just couldnt feel it! The worst part is when he was lying ontop of me when trying SOOO hard to try and make me orgasm, cos that was the goal. He obviously didnt know what the hell he was done, he eventually ended up just moving rapidly as though we were animals! That made me think of the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie slept with this man the night before their mutual friend was getting married, she ended up having a sore neck and extremely painful downstairs. What was happening to me, was similar, the pace of it was so fast and unenjoyable i wanted to laugh, even worst, just tell him to move so i could put on my clothes and ask him to leave. But i didnt, i did what every other girl in my position would do… Fake it! Nothing is more embarrassing than having to fake an orgasm or even lie to their faces saying how great the sex was.

Clearly, my sex friend didn’t last very long, and i wasn’t devastated over it, because it was never “mind blastingly” enjoyable like how Samantha from Sex and the City would describe it to be.

I’ll never forget the experience, but i can tell you, this rabbit was wild. Something i’d never do again.

It’s been almost 2years since we stopped and eventually lost each others contacts, but i saw through facebook… Yes i stalked just to see what was happening. He’s happy with his new girlfriend, and it seems like their going strong. Just hope he’s improved though, or they must be so madly in love that she doesnt mind?

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  1. :)) I know that episode…hope he take lessons:))

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